Sharing the Good News

On Waitangi Day I went downtown to share the gospel here is one of the conversations

Evangelism downtown

26th August 2017 Today’s report of downtown evangelism: Dad took me in the car. I gave away about 20 tracts and 20 cards and 2 deeper Gospel booklets (How to be sure of going to Heaven when we die). Dad gave away some tracts alone, then 6 + 1 card when I was there….

I don’t wanna go

Sat 5/8/2017 Today I really didn’t want to do evangelism. But I got some friends to pray for me and went downtown anyway. God helped me. I got butterflies in my tummy on the way. When I got there I was fine . I stopped and spoke to two young men on a bench outside…

Determined to get up again

Wednesday 9 August 2017 My day… I have so many shortcomings. Today I had just got home from work and was driving up to somebody’s door and God told me I needed to be ready to do evangelism there. So I said to myself OK let’s do evangelism. There was nobody at the door but…