Don’t Give Up!

I just read 2 Kings 19. May be why Jonah didn’t want to go to Ninevah. But God had a bigger plan. Father, please help me trust you and think like you more than Jonah. Thank you Jesus.

IVF and Birth Control

IVF creates and exploits multiple human beings in a lab is morally wrong. Humans should not be treated this way. So is the use of some forms of hormonal birth control, because it has the ability to thin the uterine wall which means that a newly conceived embryo cannot implant in the mother’s womb and dies….

Poem on Abortion Holocaust

Dear friends On 19 September I heard someone say that since it was legalized in New Zealand, abortions had risen to over half a million [Kiwi children]. I felt to write a poem. This is the second one on the topic and is slightly varied from the first one. September 19 this year [2018] was…

Biblical Resolution on Abortion

This is the resolution about abortion that my brother in Christ wrote as a Resolution for a Baptist Convention in America in 2018. Whereas because the shedding of innocent blood by abortion is considered legal, thus clouding the moral compass of the church; Whereas our culture has accepted unconstitutional decisions made by the judicial branch…