Teenage girls

Monday 7th August 2017

I went to WINZ this afternoon. After that I went to Warehouse stationery, visited the Healthcare New Zealand office and gave a tract to the lady at OfficeMax .

I headed home. When I was nearing the hockey courts I saw some girls hanging around. I prayed for them and as I got closer they moved to the side for me. I’m a bit of a dangerous driver in my power chair.
I stopped and held out some $million note tracts and said Would you like one of these? I gave three away and started talking to the first girl. She had read the part about lying and stealing and so I asked Have you done those things? she said yes. I said me too. Then I said So it looks like absolutely nobody is going to heaven, right? All the girls nodded.
And I was giving them the tracts I had a feeling that this was important because some of them were appointed to eternal life.
I said But there is one way a lying thief like you and me can get to heaven. It tells you how on there.
The last girl did not want to take a tract so I told her she could look it up on the Internet, I said it was called The Good Person test.

When I got home my friend Jack was already there. He said to me Did you talk to a group of teenage girls outside the hockey courts? I said Yes, what’s wrong with that? He said Well, Mark was driving and he slowed right down when he saw you talking to those girls. Mark is not a Christian or a Muslim and does not want me sharing the gospel with him, but he was interested in me sharing with someone else.
Double whammy . God glorified !

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